Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hello...Yes I waited until now to post

My first post to the weblog. Let me introduce myself, I am Joe. I was there on the steps of St. Margaret Mary’s when this whole idea came about in the first place. Bri made the the spreadsheet from the Archdiocese website, the next day, and Eric started the planning. I figured I would just go along. I was going to church anyway. I really did not think that this would amount to anything. I thought this would be over in a couple of weeks when our own lives would get the best of us.

Eric kept planning and decided this weblog was a good idea. Bri usually knew someone at the early churches and was our best spokesperson. People joined the Facebook group, over 80 people in the end. We got a story about us in the Catholic Voice. Then other people starting joining us. Maybe just once, but our numbers grew. Those of you that did join us, even if it was just once, thank you. Some of you we already knew. For those who did not, that was really brave of you to join us and share with us. The signs of support and blessings we received from of the churches we visited energized me.

Before going into this, I went to church every Sunday. Either out of guilt or obligation. I would then buy a newspaper and gasoline. During our mission, people held me accountable to the liturgies. We would talk about homilies. Probably, the most important thing was that we were, and hopefully continue, to be there for each other. I would challenge any to say that all you need is to have a personal relationship with God. When you share your faith with others, it not only allows you to grow with God, it strengthens your friendships, here on Earth. Mass is a celebration of our lives together with God.

Probably the thing that really motivated to type something, was the St. Peter’s incident. It was mentioned by Eric and Bri. Eric also mentioned it on the weblog post for St. Peter’s. There is no reason to retell it, you can read about it. I just want to give some of my feelings about it. It was healthy discourse. I felt the need to speak out to defend the theme of the homily. Will Bri and I really ever agree on it? The answer is probably no. We listened and understood. So did everyone around us. I have never been so vocal about my Catholic faith. That discussion really allowed me to stand up and be accountable to God. I appreciate that Bri was willing to listen. At the end of it all, I need Bri to help me get to heaven as much as I want to help her. You know what, to anyone who reads this, I want to help you to.

Lastly, was there a favorite church. I really didn’t have one. Some were ornate. Some were simple. Some were full of parishioners. Some had a handful. Some were in other languages. I will remember moments with my friends at these churches more than anything else. Not sure yet if the pictures will help.

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