Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Saint Pius X - July 15, 2012 - Eric

What's Happening:
Hello again. Mass Chaos is back after a six month absence. In some ways it seems like a different world. In December we were all worried about the changes to the Mass and how it was going to affect our church experience. Now, Catholics find themselves squarely at odds with the government. Pressure is mounting on American Catholics to compromise ancient teaching and conform with what the world has to offer. All these challenges can seem overwhelming.

Lost in all this is that nothing has changed as far as our calling. We are presented with the same challenges that we have had since the moment we decided to live our faith. We still have to approach every person with love and respect. Although this is simply said, it is hard in practice, and it calls for prayer, faith, and God's word.

We do need one more thing, we need each other ... for encouragement. I was reminded of this while writing this, because I read something that was pretty hateful and discouraging. My first thought was to contact someone, anyone, who I know prays for me. While I did not do this, having the assurance that someone would be there for me raised my spirits up immediately. If you're one of those people that lift me up, thank you. Encourage your family, encourage your friends, encourage all.

Frank, Teri, me, Marilou, Sarah, and Joe.
We're standing in the same spot we were in week three of the original Mass Chaos.

The Church:
IMG_6701 IMG_6702

What a fabulous remodel! The new interior is warm and intimate, the sound system is state of the art (Father gave us a tour), and it retains a few elements of the old to go with the new. It was my first church with the new camera, so I'm not sure if everything came out well, but here are all the pictures.

"He instructed them to take nothing for the journey but a walking stick—no food, no sack, no money in their belts.” Mark 6:8

I'm not this brave. I would be terrified walking out the door without means for eating and shelter, without a map, and without a plan. Is this too much to admit? Terrified is exactly the right word. I had enough of an issue trying to keep my head together from doing the original Mass Chaos tour and not panicking.

I don't know how I'd ever get over myself and my own issues to be able to go on a journey somewhere. I bet the apostles felt the same way. The lesson here is trusting in God's plan. Not everything went well for the apostles, in fact, it didn't end well for them on this earth. Our goal is heaven, and this is God's goal for us as well ... this is God's plan for everyone. The apostles fears and doubts were blessed, and they were able to overcome them by trusting in Jesus by simply putting one foot in front of the other. They didn't just journey by themselves to heaven, they brought millions of people with them.

I pray that I am brave enough to just make it out the door.