Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mass Chaos Returns!

Mass Chaos returns! Since there may be some trepidation with the changes to the Missal starting the first Sunday of Advent, November 27, we figured what better way to feel foolish and lost than if we all felt foolish and lost *together*. Brilliant, eh? This tour will cover five churches in the four weeks of Advent plus the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

The Plan:
Sun, Nov 27 @ 11:00am - Saint Bernadette - 7600 South 48th Street, Bellevue
Sun, Dec 4 @ 11:00am - Saint Bridget - 4112 South 26th Street, Omaha
Thu, Dec 8 @ 7:00pm - Saint Margaret Mary - 6116 Dodge Street, Omaha (subject to time change)
Sun, Dec 11 @ 11:00am - Dowd Memorial Chapel of the Immaculate Conception - BoysTown
Sun, Dec 18 @ 10:30am - Saint Philip Neri - 8200 North 30th Street, Omaha